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Monday, June 10, 2013

Dancing and Writing

I went to my granddaughter’s ballet recital yesterday. For me, of course, she was the star of the show. LOL She is almost six and this was her second recital. What progress she's made from last year. As Hubs and I sat through the rest of the two-hour recital, I paid attention to the progression from the tiny three-year-olds through the high school seniors. I’m glad the dancers had a chance during rehearsal the day before to watch each other and to see this progression. That had to be inspiring.

I thought about how similar dance school is to my chapter of RWA. The variety of writers of different romance and subgenres is very much like that recital with dancers performing ballet, jazz, and modern. In my chapter (Mid-Michigan RWA), we have members who are beginning writers still trying to figure out what POV, GMC and WIP mean. They are like those three-year-old dancers who stand on the stage, eyes wide, half terrified, trying to figure out if they’re supposed to twirl or raise their hands or both. Then there are the more experienced writers who have finished a manuscript and are going through the heart break of sending out queries and receiving rejections. Finally there are writers who have sold one to fifty plus books. Like the high school age dancers, their confidence shows.

When we see what others have accomplished their goal (publication), we are inspired. “If I work hard enough, I can be like her.” The same with those dancers. The young ones see what the older girls accomplish and think “If she can do that, I can, too.” I’m very fortunate to belong to a terrific writers’ organization whose members not only inspire, they are so willing to help others. Rarely do you see a published author look down on the unpublished or outright sneer when the newby asks a simple question. The pubs give so much of their time and energy, helping others, lifting them up.

I know my little ballerina had fun this weekend as she danced her little heart out. Isn’t that what dance is all about at that age? And isn’t writing supposed to be fun, too? Yes, it’s our job, our career. Talk to any writer and they’ll say they write because they can’t not write. It’s exhilarating, heartbreaking, and, best of all fun.


  1. I was a rotten ballerina, but I have higher hopes for my romance career. Wonderful post and great analogy, Diane! :)

    1. Thanks, Kristen. I'm so awkward I would've made a rotten ballerina, too.

  2. I spent the weekend at my daughter's dance recitals. She, too, takes ballet, and I noticed a huge improvement from last year. Your comparison is very accurate. And here comes another year for us all. :)


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