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Friday, November 18, 2016

Who's For Dinner with Linda Carroll-Bradd

My guest today is Linda Carroll-Bradd. Besides sharing who she'd like to have dinner with, she's celebrating the release of her newest book. Welcome, Linda.

I’d love to spend time with Jane Austen, one of my top three favorite authors. I’ve imagined the circumstance both ways—me in her time or her in contemporary time.

Not only would I be fascinated by what she’d think of a dinner at one of America’s popular chain restaurants like Applebee’s or Carrabas, I believe I’d have to steer the conversation. Trying hard not to be a fan girl about all things Austen, I would keep my questions centered on her work.

Did you realize the extent of social commentary you layered into your work?
Which of your heroines is your favorite?
Who is your favorite hero?
Did writing about women who had little say about the direction of their lives relieve personal frustration?
If you’d known that your books would still have an audience two hundred years later, would you have written them any differently?

The influence I’ve gained from reading her works makes me include a bit of resistance in each of my heroines. They are always wishing for something that is against what someone else expects. I guess you could say each has a little bit of Lizzie Bennett in her personality.

That would be a fantastic dinner, Linda. I wonder how Jane would feel seeing her books turned into movies. Congratulations on the just released, Silent Signals, part of the A Cowboy Christmas series. I'm excited to learn more about it.

Title:  Silent Signals, A Cowboy Christmas series
Author:  Linda Carroll-Bradd
Publisher:  Prism Book Group
Release Date:  11/18/16 (24,431 words)

Blurb for Silent Signals:
After losing half his herd in the Great Blizzard of 1886, rancher Konrad Werner needs to safeguard his cattle. Tomboy Anora Huxley trains the Australian Shepherds and Kelpies that run the family’s sheep herd. Although cattlemen and shepherds are at odds, the pair discovers common interests. A threat is overheard, and Konrad rides out to Anora’s ranch to protect her. The tense situation reveals their true feelings. Will Anora be swayed by family loyalty, or will she listen to her heart that responds to Konrad’s silent signals?

Tagline for Silent Signals:
Will the valley’s feud between cattlemen and shepherds keep them apart?

Purchase Links:

Excerpt from Silent Signals:
Twirling her finger like a tornado, Celina grinned. “Turn so I can see from all angles.”

“And I can move.” First, she bent over to touch her toes. “See?” Then, with hands on her waist, she leaned from side to side. She was just finishing the last quarter of her second spin to display her outfit when the bell over the door tinkled.

“Gaelle, you about ready to leave?” a deep voice asked.

At the familiar sound, Anora gasped. She dropped her hands to her sides at the same moment she came to a stop at the sight of that man filling the doorway. Her skirts swished around her legs a couple of times before settling.

“Yes, I’m ready.” Gaelle was quick to answer.

His eyes widened as he ran his gaze down her length from head to toe and then flicked to the table where her underthings lay. With a slow move, he dragged his hat off his head and pushed the door closed behind him. A quirk pulled at one corner of his mouth.

Beard-stubbled, the man had been good looking. Clean-shaven, he was downright handsome. Heat flashed in Anora’s cheeks, and she panted, not taking in enough air. Certainly this breathlessness had to do with the corset, and not with the appearance of this attractive but arrogant man. Her gaze caught his dark one, the color of hot cocoa, and her stomach leapt, like when she took a tumble. She had to look away.

Stifling a squeal, she dashed forward, bunched the garments together, and stuffed them under her coat. Then she whirled and pinned him with a hard stare. “What on earth are you doing here?”

With interests as widespread as baking, crocheting, watching dog agility matches, and reading thrillers by Swedish authors, Linda is the mother to 4 adult children and grandmother to 2 granddaughters. She currently lives in the southern California mountains with her husband of 37 years and their two much-loved dogs.

Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1806413.Linda_Carroll_Bradd

Cover Contest Finalist
Also, voting is open until November 20th for the winter cover contest sponsored by Still Moment Magazine. I'm proud that Silent Signals is one of ten finalists. To vote, leave the title or the #9 in a comment on the magazine’s Facebook page.


  1. Ooh, great idea! It would be so interesting to talk to a woman author from the past.

    1. Deniz, I think contemporary women would be surprised how educated women from the repressed times were. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Jane is also my heroine-writer of all time. I read Pride and Prejudice every year whether I need to or not! Sient Signals sounds juicy! Best wishes.

  3. Susan, I love the caveat "whether I need to or not." That's the way I feel about watching the BBC version. I appreciate the comment.

  4. Great choice of dinner companion! Best of luck with your new release.

  5. Sorry I didn't make it by yesterday. I love this post. What an awesome conversation that would be. I'm ashamed to say, I have never read a Jane Austen book, nor seen a JA movie. I keep promising myself I'll change that... Sigh... Your new release is awesome so far!


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