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Monday, November 6, 2017


November is here with all its gray skies and gloomy weather. We’ll be treated to a tease of sunshine, then the nastiness will start up again.

That aside, I’m still doing the happy dance (did you feel the thudding?) over the additions to our family. If you followed my link to TheRoses of Prose last Monday, then you know the twins came a week ago Saturday. Four weeks early, yet one weighed in at a whopping eight pounds and the other almost six. As a commenter pointed out, that was a lot of baby (almost 14 pounds) to carry. No wonder Daughter-in-law was so uncomfortable.

At first the babies were fine. Then the larger one developed what the doctors thought was a bowel problem. They rushed him to the children’s hospital about an hour away. Although not pooping could’ve been the sign of a more serious problem/disease, the multitude of tests assured us it wasn’t. In fact, once he was there he did what was necessary. Amazing how we all cheered over pooping. LOL

A large problem then set in. Two babies, an hour apart. Son went to the children’s hospital while DIL had to stay here at our local hospital with the smaller one. Her boys were too far apart. The hospitals had two different rules about who can hold the babies. Our local hospital would only let the parents, while the children’s hospital was more lenient. That meant Hubs and I got to hold the bigger boy but not his brother. Still, I had the privilege of giving him his first bottle. On Halloween. Plus, he opened his beautiful eyes and looked at me. I’m such a sucker for big eyes. đŸ˜Š

Once DIL was released from the hospital, she could visit the bigger boy. But it meant someone had to take her because she wasn’t allowed to drive yet. Between Son and us, we got her there and back for the smaller baby. Again because of their more relaxed rules, Toddler Girl got to hold her brother at the children’s hospital. DIL recorded her reaction over “examining” the baby. So precious. She pulled away his blanket to see his toes. “What’s that?” she asked about so many things, from the monitor on his foot to his tiny diaper and navel.

On Friday, the most amazing thing happened. The bigger boy was transported back to our local hospital. The twins were together again.

We don’t know what goes on in the minds of infants. After being together in the womb for eight months, did they realize they were separated? My imagination says yes. When DIL held them together the day after birth, their tiny hands touched. Five days later, when reunited and again held against Mom’s chest, their fingers touched again. I have to think they knew they were together again.

Babies fascinate me. When I was growing up, there was always a baby in the house. Or so it seemed. I’m the oldest of seven. My youngest brother was born when I was fifteen. Even as a youngster myself, I helped Mom. Rocking the bassinet or holding a bottle. I graduated to changing diapers, the cloth kind back then. I learned early on how to hold a baby, how to feed him/her a bottle, how to burp afterward.

You’d think after so much responsibility at a young age I wouldn’t want children. Not so. I couldn’t wait until my own were born. I also couldn’t wait until they were old enough to talk and walk. Consequently, I didn’t appreciate the value of cuddling an infant. I’ve been making up for that for the past ten years. When cuddling a baby, all else disappears. Worries, frustrations, everyday stuff. I relax and enjoy the “now” with that tiny body against mine.

I can’t wait until those boys come home so I can get more cuddling in.


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    1. Can't spell today.

      Cuddling them when they are screaming in your ear may not make one so relaxed though, otherwise yes lol They know when they are away from each other, I think.

    2. Oh yes, not so relaxed. Interesting how one can forget that part. LOL

  2. I sincerely all goes well with your new grandchildren despite early problems. It is lovely to cuddle them as I recall my four being born......all grandchildren are now well into their teens.
    Happy times with them for they are indeed precious.


  3. That is going to be one busy home if they're back by Thanksgiving--I predict a potluck brewing.


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