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Saturday, January 4, 2020

#WeWriWa ~ THE SPY: Hallart is Everywhere! #sfr

Happy New Year! Each weekend, the Weekend Writing Warriors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here.

Thanks to everyone who visited last week. Your support and comments always give me new ideas. I'm sharing snippets from The Spy: An Outer Rim Novel. It's the 4th book in my series featuring strong women on the frontier of space. 

Because this is a work in progress, suggestions are greatly appreciated. Genna is at headquarters meeting with the Commissioner of the Clandestine Sector of Coalition of Planets Intelligence. Last week's final sentence was Commissioner Vorinda interrupted her thoughts, “. . . pleased to learn that Hallart seems to have abandoned Malcor Sector.”

Please excuse the creative punctuation, necessary to keep this within the guidelines. 

The most-feared gangster in the galaxy (slight exaggeration) was everywhere. She hated correcting her superior, but he needed to know the truth.
“No, sir, the new tavern in Astron Colony is a front for Hallart’s operations in Malcor Sector.”
“What’s this?” When Vorinda’s indigo eyes hardened and his face turned scarlet, she worried she’d gone too far by correcting her boss. If he considered firing her, she’d given him ammunition to do it.
Nevertheless, she swallowed past the knot in her throat. Since she’d crawled this far out on a limb, she’d better tell him more. “A Kruferian named Nakus used to be head of Astron Colony Security but was fired for being an incompetent slob. He appears to be a toady but is very smart and is the manager of the tavern.”

Tentative blurb:

Rookie agent must rescue veteran before his cover is blown.

Genna Nogaro, new to the Coalition of Planets’ Intelligence Commission, is assigned to bring in an undercover operative in Hallart’s organization. More experienced agents died before getting him out. Were they killed by the intergalactic gangster or has the operative gone rogue?

Quintall d’Sernin, con man extraordinaire, infiltrated the mob and moved up to be the gangster’s right-hand man. Hallart has his tentacles throughout the Coalition—business, industry, and government. Quin’s finally worked himself into a valued position. All he needs is the key to mob structure in order for Coalition forces to take down the entire organization.

Genna will pose as a new recruit to distract Hallart long enough for Quin to find the key. If they work together, they can accomplish more. But Quin and Genna’s lives are jeopardized by a mole in the Intelligence Commission. Will their true roles be revealed before they accomplish their goal?

On a personal note, my husband came through his surgery with flying colors. He's home and doing well. Thanks for your healing thoughts and prayers. No excuses for not writing now.


  1. I love her vocabulary! lol Toady, slob. It sounds like she's good at what she does, though. Seems to have her facts straight.

    I am so glad your hubby came through the surgery just fine. Still sending prayers and a big hug. <3

  2. I hope she knows what she's talking about, seeing how she went out on a limb by correcting her boss. And also, take care of hubby!

    1. Thanks, Ed. Yep, she'd better know what's really happening out on the Rim.

  3. It's always so hard to speak truth to power, but she's got the chops to do it and do it well. I hope there's minimum fallout from it.Great snippet!

  4. great excerpt, blurb is well done too. Love courageous women!

  5. You've immediately anchored your world in this scene and its vital characters. Well done! So glad to hear everything went well with Bob's surgery!! I hope he's a "good" recovery patient.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Bob's an excellent patient. Now that it's all over. lol

  6. Your blog and my email address aren't getting along for some reason.
    A slob and a toady person - sounds like some great characters.
    Glad your husband is recovering.
    Daryl Devore

  7. Hmm, the Commissioner is either dangerously naive or playing some kind of deep game himself here. Much to ponder. Great snippet! I can sure feel her trepidation about whether to correct the guy or not.

    1. Excellent points, Veronica. Was he testing her? Or didn't he really know?

  8. Is it really correcting if she knows more intel? The Commissioner seems full of himself. Great snippet!


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