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Saturday, January 21, 2023

WeWriWa - Wedding Wrecker: It Doesn't Look Good

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where writers share snippets from their work-in-progress or new release. Thank you all for your comments on last week's post. This has been a good writing week. After many, many weeks/months, I'm finally writing again and this story is finally going places. I attribute that to you for your encouragement.

I'm sharing snippets from the 4th Alex O'Hara cozy mystery, The Case of the Wedding Wrecker. I've skipped a few paragraphs from the previous post. Alex is still at the police station. Chief Dan Hoesen has finished questioning her, her dad, and Alex's parents and told them all to go. Alex insists on seeing Nick.


Dan called Jenny. “Take her back to the jail.”

The deputy hurried over to him. “You’re not arresting her, too, are you?”

“Arrest her? Lexie, uh, Alex? What? No.” Dan was more flustered than I’d ever seen him. “What are you—”

Then she smirked. Ah. She tried to make us lighten up. As much as I appreciated her effort, I wasn’t going to lighten up until Nick was out of jail.

The bad thing about writing a lot of dialogue is that the 8-10 sentence limit gets eaten up quickly. Thanks for letting us add a little bit more.

And a little more: 

I followed Jenny down a short corridor and around a corner. She unlocked a door to another short hall, then to the jail itself. Nick sat on the edge of a cot, his head in his hands, defeated. His tuxedo jacket lay on the end of the bed, his tie undone, and the first couple of buttons open at his tanned throat. No cufflinks, but he’d rolled up the sleeves of his once pristine white shirt, revealing his strong forearms. Arms I wanted around me.

“Nick?” I hesitated before rushing to the cell.

Two strides, and he was shoving his arms through the bars. I pressed as close as I could and held him, too.

“Oh, babe.” He caressed my face, misery riding in his. “It doesn’t look good.”


Be sure to check out the other WeWriWa authors. Stay healthy and have a great week.


  1. He's right- it certainly doesn't look good. Tweeted.

  2. What a place to leave us hanging!!! Welcome back to the writing world! We have snacks!

  3. Quite the situation, can't wait to see what all transpires next. I feel the emotion, great snippet!

  4. That scene twists the heartstrings. Please continue writing!

  5. Nice of Jenny to try and lighten the mood a bit. Sweet and sad, that embrace with the bars between them.

  6. Such a heart wrenching moment. Poor Alex. You're pulling some emotions out of me. :-) Great writing, Diane!

  7. I want to read more! So glad you’re writing again.

    1. Thanks, Lucy. It's been a long time since I felt this energized.

  8. I love, love, love this series...Can't wait!

  9. Glad to hear that you're finding your muse again.... dry spells are heartbreaking.

    and... so is this snippet. It really doesn't look good,

    1. Thanks, Eden. I agree about dry spells. We're our own worst critic.

  10. Very intriguing. You have my attention. More, please.


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