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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Switched

It's Sneak Peek Sunday again. Here's another (six paragraph) peek at my science-fiction romance, Switched

The captain has taken Jessie onto the bridge where she meets his crew. She's still convinced she's at a sci-fi convention--not on a starship.

     “Captain.” The deep, masculine voice carried a sense of urgency. It belonged to the only other human-like character who was seated at a console to the back of the room. The Science Officer, Jessie thought. “A Tegrorian frigate is cruising toward us.”

     “No Tegror ship is supposed to be in this sector,” proclaimed the Navigation Officer. This guy’s make-up was fantastic. Blue, scaly skin, yellow eyes, and tightly-curled indigo hair. “It could have been stolen by the Praetorians.”

     Captain Viator stiffened. “We can take no chances. Have they sighted us, Mr. Xaropa?”

     “No, sir. The range of the frigate is much shorter than ours.”

     “If it is the Praetorians, they cannot be allowed to capture this ship. Mr. Glaxpher, prepare to engage the hyperdrive. Set a course for the Gallerian System.”

     Jessie pursed her lips. “Hyperdrive? Aren’t you supposed to go to warp eight, or something?”

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  1. I'm warping with jessie right now! Those scary faces must really be stunning her. :-)

    1. LOL Especially since she thinks it's make-up and costumes.

  2. Enjoying this story, loved the excerpt!

  3. I love how Jessie is interpreting everything through the lens of her favorite SF TV shows!


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