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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Switched

It's Sneak Peek Sunday again. Here's another (six paragraph) peek at my science-fiction romance, Switched

The captain and Jessie are still on the bridge. They just eluded another starship--one with hostile intent.

     "Ninety degrees port." The Captain's words were calm, as if he didn't see the ship racing toward them at tremendous speed. "Then, dead stop again."
     Jessie braced herself and it still took her stomach three seconds to catch up after the sudden stop. A cheer rang out from Blue Boy and Chicken Wire Face. The human-like character and the Captain merely smiled. The gray-skinned 'Vulture' eyed Viator in stony silence.
     "Thank the Intrepid Ones, they shot past us," the Science Officer reported.
     "Excellent, Mr. Xaropa. Thank the Intrepid Ones, indeed. Deactivate Red Alert. Maintain cloaking device. Take us back to Earth, Mr. Glaxpher." The Captain folded his arms across his broad chest and looked down at Jessie. He expelled a deep breath. "We shall return you to your home." He reached down to assist her.
     Despite her shaky knees, she ignored his outstretched hand and scrambled to her feet. "Well, it's about time."

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