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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Women of the Outer Rim

At the beginning of THE PILOT and THE CHAMELEON, I welcome readers to the Outer Rim. Imagine the wild west in space. While the men are plentiful, it's the women who dominate my stories. They have to be tough. They are survivors. Here's a glimpse into these strong fems.

Celara d'Enfaden (THE PILOT) owns her own cargo transport, hauling goods from one colony to another. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in attitude. Shooting off her mouth does get her into trouble.

Jileena Winslott (THE CHAMELEON) isn't what she appears to be. Her ditzy fluff-brain act encourages her father's colleagues to talk freely around her. Though her spying has helped her father, she wants to be recognized for her abilities. Under an assumed name, she has worked in every department of the family business. She has more guts and determination than anyone realizes.

Rissa Dix (appears in The Pilot and The Chameleon; heroine in WIP tentatively titled The Barkeep) owns a tavern in a frontier colony. Tall and physically strong. She has to be to keep rowdy miners in check. Secrets in her past lead her on a reckless mission.

Genna Nogaro (appears in The Pilot and The Chameleon) aide to Chief of Security, Vesteron Colony. Adventuresome, wants to be more than an aide. Tired of being a secondary character, determined to get her own story. She will...soon.

As the stories evolve, more female characters come to life, each demanding her own story. While I love my characters dearly, I wish they would behave. LOL

I hope you enjoy reading their adventures as much as I enjoy writing them.


  1. Hi, Diana! Thanks for sharing your lovely characters! While I do enjoy strong female characters, I don't like them to be overbearing, that is such a turn off for me--just as an overbearing strong male character. I am not a fan of Gone With the Wind. I find Scarlett quite annoying. I know, I guess I'm just weird that way!


    1. Hi, Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by. I never liked Scarlett, I thought she was vain and self-absorbed. Now Melanie was a strong character. I agree about overbearing females as well as males. Big turnoff.


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