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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cover Reveal - Salem's Daughters by Stephen Tremp

Stephen Tremp writes speculative fiction and his fourth novel, Salem’s Daughters, is a supernatural thriller. A four hundred year old evil is unleashed when souls of the daughters of those killed during the Salem Witch Trials find a new generation of people to murder at a popular modern-day bed and breakfast.
For a full synopsis and to pre-order a copy of Salem’s Daughters for $2.99 (price goes up to $4.99 soon after release) http://www.amazon.com/Salems-Daughters-Stephen-Tremp-ebook/dp/B012JN6PKE/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 


  1. Thanks Diane for the shout out! I'm always amazed at the outpouring of help from the good people in Blogdom!

    1. You're welcome, Stephen. Best wishes on your new book.

  2. Stephen, I love the cover of your book as well as the title. Best wishes for your new book.

  3. Stephen was on my blog yesterday. His cover looks awesome.


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