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Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

These last few days before Christmas can be rushed or relaxed, crazy or comfortable. However you spend them, try to enjoy the time. The picture above is of the ceramic nativity set my grandmother made back in the late 1950s. I always loved it. As kids, we had to be very careful around it. Since my mom passed away, it resides at my house. Besides a reminder of Christmas, it brings back fond memories of Christmases past.

We always put up a tree with ornaments from our childhoods--some even close to a hundred years old from Hubs' family--and others our children made when they were young. My mother-in-law started my collection of nutcrackers, and finally, in this house, I have a place to display them. Since Hubs is into HO trains, we have many train sets--ceramic, metal, glass--around the house. But none is more precious to me than Grandma's nativity set.

What are some of your favorite decorations?

Wishing you and your families blessings and happiness.


  1. Marry Christmas, Diane. There were lots of awesome decorations on my parents' tree when I was growing up. Now, starting my own collection. There's lots of Doctor Who currently and a few my friend painted.

    1. Each year, I look at the ornaments as I put them up and remember my kids' activities. I need to get a Doctor Who ornament. Think I'll wait for the after-Christmas sales.

  2. I love seeing all of the old decorations that I grew up with around my parent's home at Christmas. That's what makes it finally feel like Christmas, when I see the tree light up and a paper robin bauble my sister made about twenty years ago hanging on the tree. I'm still working on my own collection :). Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. It's sort of poignant/sad when I gave my kids their ornaments. Happy that they can share them with their kids, but sad that they aren't on our tree anymore. Enjoy those memories!


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