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Monday, February 20, 2017

Writing Life While On Vacation

Once upon a time, I had a writing schedule. Get up, grab a cup of coffee, check email, get another cup of coffee, then time to write. When I stick to the schedule, I can turn out 1,000 - 2,000 words before lunch. But notice the beginning of that sentence--when I stick to the schedule.

We've been visiting our son and his family for almost 3 weeks now. We're on vacation. Sort of. It's wonderful leaving the snow and cold of Michigan for warm sunshine. Except. According to family back home, Michigan weather has been mild--up into the 60s, even. While here in Arizona, it rained all weekend with a high of 57. Today is much nicer. The sun is out, though it might make it to 70. Walking around outdoors is great.

But I'm not writing.

We all were down with colds for the first 2 weeks. Having a muzzy head (from decongestants) and being plain tired meant no writing. We're just starting to feel like doing something. Now I'm content to stay home (son's home) and relax. Maybe hang out with Toddler Girl. Frankly, it's more fun reading to her and/or playing with toys than anything else. What she likes best is sitting next to me (or on my lap) and looking at pictures of her and her Michigan cousins. She gets all excited and points to them, as well as herself.

But I'm not writing.

OdySea Aquarium, Scottsdale, AZ

We went to an aquarium yesterday and, boy, did she have fun. The fish, sharks, and sea lions fascinated her. But she has a short attention span. Not surprising for a 22-month-old. According to our DIL, the attention span was longer than time than the last. They have a real racket there, You have to exit through the gift shop. Somehow a stuffed penguin jumped into our shopping cart. She named him Happy. And that's what she is most of the time. Happy!

So my writing hasn't gone very far. I thought I'd be finished with Meddling Mama by now. As you can tell from the progress meter on the right, I'm so close to the end.


I can write when I'm home. I can't play with Toddler Girl at home. Not until July when they come. Our time together is so short. How can I squander it on writing? As I wrote last week, I want her to remember me as the grandmother who played and read to her. Not the grandmother who was too busy writing.

Tomorrow is Hubs' birthday. It's hard to believe we've been together over 44 years. He's been a terrific husband, father, and grandfather. More importantly, he's still my best friend.

Happy Birthday, sweetie.


  1. Welcome to Arizona - from Tucson! Enjoy yourself, just think of all the inspiration you'll be taking back to your writing nook ;-)

    1. Thanks, Diedre. I'm soaking up the atmosphere.

  2. Writers need a break from writing. Everybody takes a vacation. Enjoy it.


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