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Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Morning Musing

Good Morning!

I've shared character sketches from four characters in my work-in-progress Numbers Never Lie. That's all for now. The story is really coming together quickly as the end approaches. (See my progress on the widget to the right.) I mentioned before that I started this story back in 2003, updated technology, and did quite a bit of editing. I'm a better writer now than 15 years ago. (I should be!) Having versions of the story saved on 3.25 floppies presented a challenge. Gathering together the best of what I'd written before and changing the focus became easier as I plunged into this romantic suspense. Yesterday, I found two scenes that I knew I'd written. Halleluia. 

My goal is to finish the first draft by April 1st (no joke). Since I periodically go back and edit as I write, much of the draft is in good shape. Then I plan to get it to my editor by mid-April. If I stay on target, the book should be released by Mother's Day. That's my plan. Hopefully, I make my deadlines.

Life has a way of smacking you down when you get too full of yourself. Or as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." Isn't that the truth? I'm sure there will surprises between now and Mother's Day.

Spring has come to Michigan. Finally. Winter will give us another taste as it fades away. The ducks and geese have returned to the pond behind our house. So has the muskrat. Apparently, he (or she) decided to make the bank in front of our house its home. Hubs has tried nearly everything to make it find another home, even to the extent of pouring cement into the holes. Muskrat just made more. Smart critter. He doesn't bother us, except for the possibility of breaking a leg by stepping into a hole while mowing near the water.

We went to a Pinewood Derby race on Saturday. Oldest grandson's Cub Scout Pack sponsored the event. He asked Hubs to help with making the car. My husband has always been patient with kids (with me, too, LOL). And he has the tools for the kids to use. BTW, they let siblings race their cars, too, after the Cub Scouts finish their race, so oldest granddaughter built a car and raced it, too. I was impressed with the layout. It sure was different from when Son participated with a wood track and the adults eyeballing the winner. A metal track with an electronic gadget that recorded the outcome of each heat (4 cars raced in a heat), a huge screen that showed the outcome. Each car raced in four heats. Neither of the grandkids' cars won. As a result, he and his sister decided to start working on their cars during Christmas break. Instead of trying to do everything in 3 weekends. Good planning.

A week ago, we attended oldest granddaughter's 5th grade orchestra concert. Since the kids have only been playing their instruments for 6 months, I expected to hear a lot of squeaks and out of tune notes. (Both our kids played band instruments, so we've been to concerts before.) The kids did well, much better than I expected. Short pieces. Their teacher explained their progress from two or three lines of music to a full page. Granddaughter plays the violin. Her cousin, Toddler Girl, came, too. She announced she's going to play piano. That's exciting. We went to a lot of piano recitals, too, featuring her daddy and her aunt. 

The twins are growing like proverbial weeds. Eight and five pounds at birth, they're now 12 and 18 pounds. The linebacker and the quarterback. More importantly (to me) than physical growth is their engaging with others. The smiles and coos are delightful. The linebacker even "talks" to us. Sure wish we knew what he's saying. The little one is very active, arm and leg movements and grins. Melts my heart when he smiles. He babbles, too. Love it.

With Spring here, Hubs is raring to get outside and work in the garden. I'm enjoying the sunshine. Looking forward to a good week of writing. Not looking forward to getting ready for taxes. 

On Wednesday, my monthly column on Family Life at Pandora's Box Gazette is on Reading.

On Saturday, starting at 9am EDT, I'm participating in a "get to know the contributors chat" with other Pandora contributors and readers. If you have time, I'd love if you stopped by. 


Of course, on the weekend, I'll post another snippet here from Numbers Never Lie with the Weekend Writing Warriors.

Have a great week!


  1. Awesome how you're getting so much time with your grandkids. So important to enjoy that time. And good luck with your goal on your first draft.

    1. Thanks, Natalie. I am so blessed to have everyone close. Hasn't always been like that, so it's even more precious. I'm chugging along on my WIP.

  2. I remember the pinewood derby, my sons had a blast with it. Waiting for the next iteration.

    1. It sure was different from when my son did it. The time spent with their granddad was great. A boost to Hubs' ego that they come to him for their woodworking needs. Thanks for stopping by, Amelia.


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