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Saturday, August 4, 2018

#WeWriWa - NUMBERS NEVER LIE: A Successful Camp-out

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors where authors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here

This is the last snippet from my new release NUMBERS NEVER LIE, a romantic suspense. Maggie, Drew, and the girls have returned from the weekend camping trip. One of the dads approaches Drew.

Please excuse the creative punctuation, necessary to keep this within the guidelines.

“Another successful camp-out?” Mike Randolph asked Drew, “Gretchen sure does like them, and it’s been good for her—she used to be such a bookworm.”
“Da-ad,” Gretchen protested.
Drew had seen Mike in the neighborhood—he was a runner—but hadn’t connected him with Gretchen, “Yes,” Drew said, “We had a great time.”
“I was surprised to hear they roped you into helping,” Mike went on, “Wouldn’t catch me eating bugs and berries.”
“But, Dad—” Gretchen began.
Drew cut her off, “You’d be surprised how tasty grasshoppers and slugs taste cooked over a campfire—almost like chicken,” Drew managed to keep a straight face especially when Gretchen dissolved into giggles.
“Well, um . . . if you say so, guess we’d better get home, munchkin.” Mike led his daughter down the drive. From the man’s pained expression, Drew knew Mike wasn’t sure whether to believe Drew or not.
Gretchen looked back at Drew and winked, “Yeah, Dad, Maggie has this great recipe for fried earwigs and . . .”


A shocking secret brings danger to Jack Sinclair and his sister Maggie. 

As kids, they were the fearless threesome. As adults, Jack's an accountant; Drew, a lawyer; Maggie, a teacher and camping troop leader. Returning from a weekend camping trip, Maggie receives horrifying news. She refuses to believe her brother’s fatal car crash was an accident. If the police won’t investigate, she’ll do it herself. Convincing Drew Campbell to help is her only recourse.

Drew Campbell was too busy to return his best friend’s phone call. Too busy to attend a camping meeting important to his teen daughter. Too busy to stay in touch with Jack. Logic and reason indicate Jack’s accident was just that--an accident caused by fatigue and fog. Prodded by guilt, he’ll help Maggie even if he thinks she’s wrong.

A break-in at Jack’s condo convinces Maggie she’s right. Then her home is searched. What did Jack do that puts Maggie in danger?

NUMBERS NEVER LIE is available at Amazon 


  1. Drew seemed to make a good impression on his daughter's friends. 😊

  2. Eeew. Fried earwigs!

    This snippet exposes some great chemistry. :-)

    1. I agree, Teresa. I tried to think of something really gross.

  3. Great dialogue in the snippet. Very vibrant.

  4. I suspect that Gretchen is taking the idea to such extremes that Mike will soon catch on to the sarcasm.

  5. Loved the 'Da-ad'. You could almost see her rolling her eyes. Great snippet.

  6. Nice to see Drew's sense of humor, but I hope it doesn't mean Gretchen's dad won't let her go camping anymore!

  7. Great snippet. THe dialogue felt real.

  8. He's getting into the right spirit! lol. I'm told earthworms are disgusting.

  9. Hey! Don't tease the bookworms when you are literally talking about EATING worms! ;)

  10. Parents. They're always clueless when you're a teen, aren't they? But it's great to have a sense of humor about life.

  11. Sorry to be so late commenting, was on a tight deadline for a book!This was a very fun snippet, love how Drew's sense of humor came into play. I can really see the other father wondering....well done!


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