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Saturday, October 31, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Day Five: Special Events

 What special events are in your lives? 

The special events in mine revolve (or used to before covid) around my grandkids. Dance recitals, sports games, birthdays, Christmas pageants, Girl/Boy Scout advancements. 

Hubs and I sometimes reminisce about our own childhoods. Neither of us remember our parents attending our games or events. Parents didn't do that back in the "old" days. Graduations, of course. But rarely, if ever, anything else. So we made certain we were involved in our kids' activities. Whether it was as a Girl Scout leader, Boy Scout parent committee, Odyssey of the Mind coach, religious education teacher, baseball coach, we wanted to be involved. 

Now, as grandparents, we get to enjoy the kids' activities without the responsibilities. LOL We get to sit in the stands or audience and watch during those special events. I'm so grateful we live close enough to do that.

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