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Friday, October 30, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Day Four: Distant Friends

 I'm fortunate that I have many people I'm friends with. At the same time, I don't have many best friends. I'm sure that's probably true for most people. We've moved several times because of Hubs' job. While that's given us many wonderful experiences, it also has meant leaving friends behind. 

With technology, even distant friends are able to stay connected. FaceBook has many detractors and can be abused. I love FB for being able to connect (or reconnect) with friends we left behind when we moved. 

Sometimes, it's the friends who've moved. For a while, I felt bereft until we were able to connect. 

My best friend introduced Hubs and I by conniving with another friend and set us up on a blind date--my one and only blind date. She and I taught together for several years. We had our kids together. We cried together over disappointments and celebrated successes.

Unfortunately, she and technology do not get along. Email is beyond her. Something always goes wrong. But she has mastered texting. Though we live several hundred miles apart, we often text "how are you guys?" and engage in conversation or sharing pictures of grandkids. We've found a way to stay connected.

How do you stay connected with your distant friends?

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  1. That's wonderful she can text. We Skype'ed with friend in Texas last night.

    1. I'm amazed she mastered that. LOL But then technology isn't her forte. It's great you're able to stay in touch.


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