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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Wait. It’s only November so why am I writing about New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not jumping the gun. Back in January, I wrote about goal setting for 2012. One of my writer friends (thanks, Margo) suggested revisiting this topic. I guess it’s accountability time.

On the personal level, one of my goals was to organize my photos. <nasty buzzer sound> Nope. Didn’t even touch them. I still have eight weeks. Guess I’d better get started. Another goal was to reduce the number of books and DVDs. <ding, ding, ding> I did it! I gave away a whole boxful of books at MMRWA's Retreat and the DVDs went to a good home. Shred old papers was another goal. <nasty buzzer and tiny ding> My intentions were good. Does that count? Of course not. We all know where the path of good intentions leads. Poor Hubs. He made several trips to the recycling center with boxes and boxes of paper, but I hardly made a dent. I resolved to work out four times a week at a fitness center. <buzzer and ding> Most weeks, I make it at least three times so I figure I’m doing pretty good.

Then, there were my business goals:
  • Request five reviews of Switched. I requested ten and received two. Two are better than none so I’m ahead.
  • Publish Switched, Too by March 31st. Missed my self-imposed deadline by a few weeks, but it went up on June 8th.
  • Increase online presence by:
    • writing a blog post every week Did it! (or is that "doing" it?)
    • host a guest once a month Did It! Actually, starting in August I host a guest once a week.
    • increase guest blog appearances by 50% That was under ambitious since I’d only done two in 2011; don’t know what I was thinking with that goal. I’ve done 13 guest appearances so far and am scheduled for two more this year plus two blog hops.
Speaking of blog hops. I’m in (or is it "on"?) my first one this Friday, the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop. Lots of prizes, over 200 participants (which means you can visit all and have over 200 opportunities to win prizes). I’ll be giving away a $10 Amazon e-Gift Card so be sure to come back here on Friday and join the fun.

Regarding accountability for my 2012 resolutions: I’m doing a lot better with my writing goals than with my personal ones. Meantime, I’d better get started on those photos.

How did you do with your resolutions?

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