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Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Commercials

Most people watch the Super Bowl for the game. I suppose if the Detroit Lions ever made it to the big game, I'd actually watch it. Although I knew little about the two teams, I rooted for the Ravens because of our friends who live in Baltimore. I'm sure die-hard football fans think that's lame. No, I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Actually, Hubs watches the game while I read and look up during the breaks. I was disappointed with this year’s commercials. They may have been the most expensive spots in Super Bowl history, but none really grabbed me or made me crack up. Last year’s mini-Darth Vader “starting” the car with the Force was better than any this year.

I always look forward to the Budweiser commercials especially with the Clydesdales. The one with the horse reuniting with his former owner (?) wasn’t as heartwarming or tissue-grabbing as they’ve been in past years but was pretty good. I liked Space Babies where the kid asks Dad where babies came from. Don’t Tell Mom did make me laugh. The blond kissing the nerd was gross. I’m tired of the e-Trade baby and I expected better from Doritos. Coke's race across the desert with its homage to old movies was good. Of all of this year’s commercials, my favorite was the stain on the shirt. Great ending.

What makes a memorable commercial? Is it the twist at the end that makes you laugh? The pull on your heartstrings?


  1. I think my favorite ad (aside from the fan-faves God Made Farmer and Budweiser) was the Best Buy commercial, which is surprising since I really hate shopping at best buy. The worse commercial by far was the M&Ms one and the Samsung commercial that was $60 million dollars too long..and I am a Samsung user so that was disheartening.

    I agree about the shirt stain (tide?) commercial. That was a cute ending, but I honestly don't even remember the product being sold.

    1. The stain commercial was for Tide but I had to look it up. I didn't remember either. I still don't remember what company the mini-Darth Vader was for.


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