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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Switched, Too

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday where we share six paragraphs to pique your interest. Here's another peek at my sci-fi romance, Switched, Too.

Scott had no choice but to use the computer now. Before tackling it for the first time, he’d hoped for the privacy of his quarters—and Veronese Qilana’s help. His reluctant co-conspirator ditched him as soon as they came aboard. He mentally kicked himself for his selfishness. They were in the middle of a crisis. She had her duties. He had his.

Damn. He didn’t want to tackle the computer. Suck it up, Ace. You can do this. You wanted adventure. You wanted to explore space. You got it. Now, man up.

He sat in the captain’s chair. Automatically, an instrument panel on the right swung up and in front of him. A hit in the solar plexus might have been easier to take. Symbols and shapes he’d never seen before covered the segmented screen. It might as well be filled with ancient Sanskrit. Panic shot through him. He couldn’t read.

He thought he’d covered all bases. He knew the layout of the ship. He knew the senior officers’ names and could match them with their descriptions. The tiny universal translator, attached behind his right ear, enabled him to understand the crew. How was he supposed to know that the translator only worked on speech? Maybe he should have put in his twin’s silver lenses that mimicked Serenian eye color. Maybe the lenses translated symbols.

Dear God, what do I do now? Okay, deep breath. No panicking allowed. The ship’s computer was voice activated. He took a breath and blew it out slowly. “Computer, suspend Horice Hervimb’s access code.”

“Access denied,” the computer’s female voice replied.

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