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Monday, April 1, 2013

Wake up, Mother Nature!

Come on now. We’ve had enough Winter. In the nearly three weeks since Spring started, we’ve had snowstorms, it’s still cold, we’re having flurries today and the grass is still brown.

Despite the weather, signs of Spring are around. Daffodils are poking through ground, daylight hangs around longer, road construction begins and today is Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers. The last is my favorite part of Spring. You know how much I like baseball. Every season I have high hopes for the Tigers.

But wait. Baseball isn’t my only favorite part of Spring. I love the fact that it stays light longer. Sun plays such a large part in our mental health. Around the Great Lakes, gray skies are the norm from November through March. When we were in Arizona last month, I couldn’t get over how bright it is. My mood improves and the warmth makes my joints hurt less. I just have to figure out how to stay out there longer in the Winter. As much as Hubs and I love our son, living with him and his girlfriend for more than a couple of weeks would definitely strain our relationship. Maybe we’ll figure out another way.

My least favorite part of Spring is the beginning of road construction. I know it’s a necessity to repair the damage to the pavement from Winter, but I just hate seeing those orange barrels. That means long lines as we go from two (or three) lanes to one, rude drivers who wait until the last minute to merge and having to factor in more time to get to our destination. Hubs and I have developed a fatalistic attitude—it’ll be great when it’s done. Only problem is they’ll just move the construction farther down the road.

I’ve saved my very favorite reason for liking Spring to the last. The daffodils. My own harbinger of Spring. Forget the robins, which I haven’t seen yet, and the crocuses that the rabbits eat. Daffodils are such a happy flower. Bright yellow cups nodding in the breeze. Plant the bulbs once and they come back each year more prolific than the year before. I just wish they lasted longer.

Baseball, road construction and daffodils have one thing in common—starting over. The very best part of Spring is a sense of rebirth. A second chance. After being beaten down by Winter, the earth comes alive again. Just like us.

Oh, wait. One more thing. Even though it’s April, we’re not done with March Madness. Michigan made the Final Four. Go Blue!


  1. As a native of East Lansing, I have to reluctantly say, also - Go Blue! Baseball, flowers and sunshine. What more can we ask for?

    1. I know all about divided loyalties. We live in Spartan country yet my brother & sister went to U of M.

  2. Since the Green and White team is no longer in the running, we've turned our attention to the women's hoops. Notre Dame has a good chance at the championship this time, so have to say, Go Irish!
    I keep saying it's better this year that flowers and everything have remained dormant longer after last year's fruit tree disaster, but hey, it's time now for at least 50 degrees instead of 30. Saturday's respite was wonderful and I did see daffodils getting ready to bloom. :)

    1. You're right, Lucy. Last year was a disaster for the fruit industry in Michigan. Hopefully this year will be better. Since my daffodils face north, they're slower than yours. :(


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