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Monday, April 15, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Know a Guy Loves You

Does that sound like something out of a teen magazine? As I watched my niece and her fiancé during the shower on Saturday, I thought of how much in love they are. But before the engagement, before the first one said “I love you” I wondered how they knew.

Then I started thinking about writing romance. Although my books take place in another world, another time, they always include a romance. Like other romance authors, I know the hero and heroine will fall in love. It’s a staple in our books. If we started the novel with them in love, where would be the suspense? The story?

To fulfill the convention of two people discovering they love each other, the authors have to show each step for the reader to believe the hero and heroine actually belong together. Each couple is different and approaches the dance we call courtship in different ways. Ultimately, one has to take a chance and proclaim their love out loud.

So here are ten ways to tell if he is in love:

  1. He shows he loves you by his actions.
  2. His eyes light up when you walk into a room.
  3. He gives you a secret, knowing smile—a smile only for you.
  4. He asks your opinion—not assuming he knows what you want/think.
  5. When the two of you are with his friends, he doesn’t abandon you.
  6. His touch is protective in public and caressing in private.
  7. When you cook for him and the meal flops, he tells you it’s delicious and eats it.
  8. He puts you first with his family.
  9. His kisses mean more than just a prelude to sex.
  10. He respects your strengths. When you’re better at something than he is, he steps back and lets you lead.

I know I've missed some obvious signs. What would you add?

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