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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday - The Chameleon

I haven’t participated in this blog hop for quite a while. We share six paragraphs from either a work-in-progress or a published work. Since The Chameleon will be released soon, I thought you might like to get a peek at the next story in the Outer Rim series.

Standing behind her father, her hands clenched in front of her, Jileena looked out at Mount Graven in the distance. She didn’t really see the city sprawl or the bustle of layered vehicular traffic in the skies. All she could think about was her father’s replacement. “Sindaro is rude. He barks at people if they’re in his way and walks right past clerks and secretaries as if they don’t exist.”
“He’s got a lot on his mind,” Father said. “He’s making a lot of acquisitions for the company and he’s involved in several negotiations. Don’t let the fact that he is distracted concern you. He is a good COO.
She turned around. “Temporary COO. The company belongs in the family.”
“You have to accept that your brother is dead.”
Despite her heartache, she stood in front of her father, hands on her hips, determined to bring this to a head. She’d danced around the subject long enough, dropping hints that he ignored. He may have groomed her older brother to take over, but she wasn’t going down without a fight. “I am family.”
With his trademark stare—one that made competitors back off and employees quake—he pinned her in place. “You don’t have what it takes to replace me.”

That’s either going to shut her down or make her more determined. What do you think?

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  1. Sounds like Dad has made the classic mistake of underestimating the power of a woman. Hope he doesn't regret that!

  2. Oh yeah, Dad still has some learning to do. Nice job making me sad and also angry. lol

  3. Can't wait for this release. Always, V

  4. Oh, much more determined! Great snippet!


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