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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Wedding

When I started this blog three years ago, I didn't know what I was doing. Not sure I'm doing it right. Not sure that that matters. I wanted a place where I could write whatever I wanted. Musing on a variety of topics. I've shared bits and pieces of my life, my family, my writing. And you, my readers, haven't complained--or are too polite to. LOL So pardon me as I mus on a recent event that overshadows my health issues, what's happening in the world, and sports event. It is the best thing that happened this year for my family.

I'm sorry for not posting last Monday as promised. After my company left, instead of writing a post about my son’s wedding I took a nap. All afternoon. It seems that preparing for a wedding, the event itself, and the post-wedding activities are more exhausting than I expected. Then add in house guests for a week along with late night conversations and I was one tired puppy. Also a bit brain dead.

photo credit: Kameren Scott
As you can see, the wedding was lovely. The weather spectacular. My son looked handsome (I’m not prejudiced, of course) and his bride was beautiful. They looked so happy. I hope as life throws them curves (it always does) they recall how happy they were a week ago Friday. That should get them through anything.

The only flaw in having a beach wedding is the sand. I’m still finding sand in my sandals, which I’d left at the top of the dune before walking barefoot to the site. Sand shifts, throwing off my balance, and I prayed that I wouldn't fall on my butt. Good thing I had my son on one side and Hubs on the other. Even better were the two groomsmen who helped me back up afterwards. They were so sweet.

Speaking of sweet guys... With the exception of the bestman and my son-in-law, I haven’t seen the groomsmen since they graduated high school about twenty years ago. Wow. What a difference. My son’s crazy friends who made the movie “Julius Caesar in the Hood” in my front yard for an English assignment—complete with the theme from Chariots of Fire blaring from a car radio in the finale—have grown into handsome, responsible, charming men. How great it was to see them again. How special that my son has kept in touch with them all these years.

I was so touched by the bestman’s toast. He’s known my son all his life. (His mother and I have been best friends since before Hubs and I met.) The boys grew up together, were roommates in college, and consider themselves brothers. He related stories that really captured my son’s essence and his heartfelt toast had many of us surreptitiously wiping away a tear.

My grandkiddies performed their duties as flower girl and ring “master” admirably. Imagine a 4 y/o twenty feet from Lake Michigan and being told he couldn’t wade in until after the pictures were taken. He bore up well. LOL His sister looked so much older than seven with her “updo” like the bride’s. An old pro (this was her third time), she reminded me of the time I was a flower girl, also at seven. Good memories. And for the first time, I danced with my son. An event I'll always hold dear.

I looked so forward to my son’s wedding for months, talked about it incessantly (or so it must have seemed to my friends and readers), and now it’s over. The letdown is tremendous. I figured a good night’s sleep, maybe an afternoon nap, and I’d be back to normal. Didn’t happen. Maybe my son and new daughter going back to Arizona has something to do with it. I won’t see them again for months.

Friends and family are posting pictures on Facebook and I’m reliving the wedding each day. Despite being tired for a week, I wouldn't trade the time for anything. It was wonderful seeing my son with the woman he loves marry the woman who loves him. Besides, sleep is vastly overrated. LOL

I’ve managed to prolong the good feelings about the wedding by blogging about it—first on the Roses of Prose last Tuesday and then on Friday on Facebook’s Fiction Fanatics Feud. After today, I think I’ll give this topic a rest even though it’s so precious to me.

Or maybe I’ll use the event in a book someday. Imagine the scenarios.


  1. Diane, treasure the memories and share any time. A romantic wedding on a Lake Michigan beach is the stuff dreams are made of. How lovely you had one in your family. Congrats to the happy couple and the rest of the family. :)

    1. Loralee, thanks so much. I do treasure his beach wedding just as I treasure my daughter's traditional church wedding. I wish we'd had Facebook back then to share photos as friends have done with my son's. My children are so different--as you must know from your own. Each married in a style particular to them.


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