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Saturday, November 24, 2018

#WeWriWa - ONE RED SHOE: Copying Russian Mafia Files

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors where authors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here.

I apologize for missing last week. No excuse. I just spaced. I'm back to sharing a snippet from my romantic suspense, ONE RED SHOE. We leave Daria on her way to NYC and catch up with Sam in Smolensk, Russia.

Please excuse the creative punctuation, necessary to keep this within the guidelines. It's also edited some from the original.

Sam Jozwiak slid open the door to Korioff’s inner sanctum. It had been blissfully easy to get in—one guard, now sleeping quietly along with the rest of the compound; locks a rookie could open; the computer password taped under the mouse pad—even a minor kingpin in the Russian Mafia should have better security.
Hold on--no modem, no cable, DSL, broadband, not even dial-up—no way to transmit data back to headquarters. Okay, on to Plan B.
In the dark, with only the glow from the computer screen, Sam copied files onto a tiny memory chip. The financial records and client lists would make for fascinating reading back home. As the personal files were being copied, a name caught his attention. Why the hell did the Russian Mafia have a file on a U.S. senator, especially, that senator? Sam opened the file. Holy shit!

It Happened One Night meets Knight and Day.

Daria Mason’s life is too predictable. Nothing ever happens in her small Iowa town where everybody knows everybody else. But when she travels to New York City looking for a little excitement, she never expects to bring home a wounded spy.

From the moment agent Sam Jozwiak steals intel vital to US security from a Russian Mafia kingpin, Murphy’s Law takes over. No matter how he covers his tracks, the kingpin’s assassins find him. What’s worse than getting shot in the butt? Accepting help from an Iowa tourist.

Sam and Daria flee cross country with the assassins right behind them. Sharing danger and excitement—and a few kisses—with Sam soon has Daria convinced he’s the man for her. He thinks she’ll be better off once he’s out of her life for good. With their lives on the line, can she convince him they belong together?

ONE RED SHOE is now available:


  1. Sounds like Sam just discovered something huge and damaging. An intriguing snippet!

  2. Instead of just 'interesting' info, he's found 'very interesting' stuff. I wonder if this will complicate his job?

  3. Ooh, an exciting snippet, raising many mysteries! Enjoyed reading this excerpt a LOT.

  4. The hairs on the back of my neck are prickling. He'd better get out of there fast!

  5. Well, now I want to know what he found out!!

  6. Scenes like this make me nervous! I'm always afraid someone will get caught.

  7. Uh Oh! Looks like someone is doing something they shouldn't and now poor Sam is going to have to pay the price.


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