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Thursday, January 31, 2019

GUEST: Keri Kruspe - D'zia's Dilemma #sfr @authorkkruspe

I'm happy to welcome a new author to my blog. She's a fellow Michigander and a member of Mid-Michigan RWA chapter. Plus she writes science fiction romance. Yay! Keri's here to tell us why she wrote her new release, D'zia's Dilemma.

What can I say? I’m a nerd who lives for romance stories. I love all things weird…aliens, vampires, were-animals, time travel, mystical/mythical creatures and sexy beings that help define who we are as a species. When I created my debut trilogy, I just knew it had to be a sci-fi romance with all the trappings. 

After writing the first book and developing the characters in An Alien Exchange, I knew I had to tell D’zia and Lora’s story. Besides, JR10 demanded he be created. Who am I to deprive the universe of his wonderful self?

“Save the girl or save the galaxy?”


Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Princess Bride.

The second book in the trilogy, D’zia’s Dilemma features a disembodied galactic gangster, a snarky spybot, and a sentient, lovesick spaceship. If you like non-stop action, powerful emotions, and sensual aliens, you’ll love the next installment of An Alien Exchange.

A woman betrayed. An alien duke faced with an impossible decision. Can two lovers who long to be together overcome those determined to keep them apart?

Lora Dharma Callahan excitedly agrees to leave Earth to attend “The Exchange” and meet the alien mate of her dreams. Instead of finding true love, she’s forcibly kidnapped and held captive by an alien lunatic who plans to take over the galaxy. He’s going to use her to create a serum that will ultimately enslave every human female on Earth. But no emperor wannabe is going to keep this girl down. Lora will find a way to save not only herself, but her planet as well.  

Duke D’zia Yaq E’etu, cousin to the crown prince of Zerin, suspects a malicious plot to overthrow the galactic government. When the opportunity arises to insinuate himself in the suspected traitor’s stronghold, he doesn’t hesitate to use his infiltration skills. While there, he encounters Lora, whom he soon recognizes as his TrueBond. The only problem…she’s imprisoned and scheduled for experiments that will destroy her.

Now D’zia has a hard choice to make. Should he stay and get the proof he needs to prevent a narcissistic megalomaniac from taking over the galactic government…or escape with the only female he can claim as his own?


An eternity passed before Lora’s brain cells decided to come back online. Which wasn’t easy since D’zia had pulled her hips into his hard groin. Holy shamoka, was all of that for her? Wait, what did he say? Something about a JR10?

“D’zia.” She pulled her mouth away from his while her inner nasty girl screamed to keep going. “Don’t, I can’t think when you kiss me.” Her heartbeat was going crazy and it was hard to breathe.

Okay, take in a few deep gulps of air…yeah, now she was calm. Right. She put her hands on the sides of his face to place him farther back from her so she could gaze into his eyes. Feminine pride warmed her as she took in the dazed, unfocused stare he gave back. Lordy, those dual-colored orbs were beyond beautiful, especially dilated in passion. His wet, full lips were tempting, and she’d love to spend eternity bathing in the weight of his intense focus.
His three-fingered hands burrowed under her loose tunic to wrap around her naked waist; his palms massaged her eager skin in heavy strokes.

She jumped when warm oils under his hands caused a path of lightning to cover her skin wherever he caressed. A fleeting scent of spiced licorice teased her nose. She drew in a shuddering breath as she cleared her throat. “D’zia, please, let’s stop and think about this.”

Universal Link:  books2read.com/dzias-dilemma


“Great book! Loved the characters. Loved the story line. Loved where you are going with the series. Wouldn't change a thing! Can't wait to read "Ki's Redemption"! ...Will they find a way to (spoiler alert)? ...Does it really matter? Can they save the Earthlings from (spoiler alert)? (Maybe the question should be "should they save the Earthlings from (spoiler alert) - but that's a discussion for another day!...” Barb B

“Great ending and of course a tease for wanting to read the next book. Very  good.”  Mary V.

“First, let me congratulate you on a very fun story. Great characters, and wow, nice creativity.” EF

Author bio

 “Author of otherworldly romantic adventures”

Keri Kruspe has been an author since the age of twelve and has always been fascinated with otherworldly stories that end in Happily Ever After. Her current works, An Alien Exchange trilogy had its first release Winter 2018. The trilogy continues with D’zia’s Dilemma and concludes with Ki’s Redemption — to be released by the first quarter of 2019.

A native Nevadan, Keri resides with her family in the wilds of Northwest Michigan where she enjoys the stark change in seasons and the pleasures each one brings. An avid reader, Keri loves an enjoyable bottle of red wine, a variety of delicious foods and watching action/adventure movies…usually at the same time. You can find her most days immersed in her fantasy world on her latest novel while foot tappin’ to classic rock. When not absorbed in her writing, Keri works alongside her husband in building their dream home or discovering intelligent life in America in their RV.


  1. Wow, that's an interesting world you've created. I like the whole "TrueBond" concept, but I'm not too sure about the three-fingered hero, LOL! Sounds like a great story!

  2. Love the sound of this! Good luck to you!

  3. Thanks for the great comments! Yeah, I got the "three finger" concept by watching cartoons as a kid. It seemed most of the characters only had three fingers!

  4. Sounds like a very interesting read!
    Michigan? bbbbbrrrrrr stay warm!
    Good luck and God's blessings


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