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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Guest: NANCY GIDEON ~ Rise By Moonlight Book Tour #giveaway #review

It's always a great day when my friend (and mentor) Nancy Gideon releases a new book. I'm excited to have Nancy here and to participate in her book tour for Rise By Moonlight. My review is near the end. Don't miss the Rafflecopter giveaway.

Nancy Gideon
Published: August 3, 2020
Length: 273 Pages
Genres: Paranormal | Romance | Werewolves | Dark Shifter
Giveaway: $20 Amazon Gift Card

Max and Charlotte return for the explosive conclusion of the “By Moonlight” series . . . and the stakes have never been higher!

He’s the Promised One
A Mobster’s attack dog turned legitimate business powerhouse, Max Savoie is the reluctant leader of New Orleans’ shapeshifter clan. They’ve kept to anonymous shadows, working and living unnoticed by the human world until their new Shifter King’s past draws dangerous outsiders who threaten all.

She’s the Protector
A fiercely determined NOPD detective, Charlotte Caissie has sworn to defend her beloved city and her unborn child from both criminals and otherworldly factions at war. While standing boldly at the side of her mate/husband, secrets from the past return to shake the foundation of her beliefs.

They have a Problem
Walking a marital tight rope between opposite worlds, Max and Cee Cee’s paths place truth and trust at odds when outside threats force enemies to become allies. The time to take a stand for their family and their future is at hand. Time to rise together for the survival of all they love!

“Every delicious word on the page exhilarates with a sensuous ferocity. Hopelessly addicted.” – NYT bestselling author, Darynda Jones

Nancy Gideon Speaks

Thanks for jumping aboard my RISE BY MOONLIGHT Blog Tour, Diane!
As you and I both know, one of the best things about helming your own writing ship is being able to steer into any genre port you wish. Paranormal, contemporary, suspense . . . wherever the muse leads us. We’ve both navigated through gales and smooth sailing over the years but the ability to chart our own course makes those occasional choppy waters worthwhile. Meeting exciting new characters, learning about unexpected worlds with their own special customs and beliefs has kept the sense of wonder and excitement at the forefront of our paths.

I never expected a course I chose ten years ago to begin an adventure that would sustain my imagination through fifteen books in my “By Moonlight” world! But it did and it has in many wonderful ways. I’ve been able to mix and mingle with a cast of intriguing and somewhat dangerous characters. I’ve been at their sides for heartbreaking and sexy times.  I discovered loyalty and passion and manic revenge that got me up at 4:30 a.m. to capture those emotions while fresh in heart and mind. I’ve met a wonderful host of readers and writers and bloggers who’ve assisted in my travels, giving encouragement and lodging, even if just for the day.  I’ve been able to dig deeper than I thought possible, stretch farther than some thought wise, have had regrets and triumphs, and wouldn’t have missed a moment of it.

But all journey’s end, as Max and Charlotte’s must. But it’s been a helluva ride thanks to friends and supporters like you.

Now, on to that next adventure . . . after lingering just a bit longer in the embrace of my paranormal NOLA family.

About Nancy Gideon

Nancy Gideon is the award-winning, bestselling author of 68 romances ranging from historical, regency and series contemporary suspense to paranormal, with a couple of horror screenplays tossed into the mix. She’s also published under the pen names Dana Ransom, Rosalyn West and Lauren Giddings. She recently retired after 20 years as a legal assistant and, when not at the keyboard, feeds a Netflix addiction along with all things fur, fin and fowl. For more information on the author, her books, or the “House of Terriot” and “By Moonlight” series, visit Nancy on the web.

Diane's REVIEW
5 Stars

When I read that Rise by Moonlight was available, I was so invested in the previous books I had to one-click it. OMG, this book kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed, since that's where I read) as I explored the end of a 15-book journey. Caveat: you don't have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, but your experience will be greatly enhanced if you have.

Even in all those previous books, the reader doesn't know everything about Max and Charlotte. Each revealed secret made me gasp. Little did I know as I read on that I would be gasping a lot. Their friends (and fellow shifters) the Terriots play a large part in this story. Their trials require Max and Charlotte's assistance, the same way Max and Charlotte need the Terriots'. With a cast of not-quite thousands, you might think you would get mixed up, esp. if you haven't read the other books. Not so. Ms. Gideon gives the reader just enough info about each character. The world building is fantastic--the shifter clans plus the flavor of New Orleans. If you like paranormal romance, you have to read Rise by Moonlight.

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  1. Nancy rocks!
    Congratulations on the final book of fifteen. That is quite impressive.

  2. Diane, thanks for the wonderful review and the invite to share your space. And just so you know, you're my inspiration, too!

    1. Aww, you're sweet. Always happy to have you here. It's the closest we get with this darn virus.

  3. A fifteen book series. I can't even begin to imagine. My seven novellas are driving me crazy! Kudos to you!!! Well done. So what's next?

    1. Thanks for visiting, Diana. I want to know what's next, too.

  4. Thank you so much for participating in Nancy's RISE BY MOONLIGHT blog tour and the awesome book review you gave Nancy's book, Diane!!!

    1. My pleasure to support Nancy. Obviously, I really enjoyed it.

  5. Congrats on your new book, Nancy! I am amazed at how many books you've published and how many genres you write in.

  6. Nancy seems like an insanely busy writer. This series sounds great, and I'm intrigued by the horror scripts.


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