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Monday, August 12, 2013

Second Thoughts

This week's post is late. Sort of. Does it count that I started it on Monday morning? Blame my tardiness on a lack of sleep worrying over paint colors.

In the grand scheme of things, paint color should be low on the priority list. However...

For anyone new to my blog, Hubs and I are building a house. So far, almost everything has gone very smoothly. It has been so exciting watching the progress each week. I've heard horror stories about building a house, but we haven't experienced that. We'll even get in a whole month early. Not sure if that's such good news as we aren't anywhere near done packing.

Hubs and I have always been good at different things. He's the engineer who checks out everything inside walls and beneath floors. Easy to do when there are no walls. He measured everything. Good thing especially when he discovered our coat closet wasn't deep enough for hangers. For someone who examined the detailed plans with a microscope (almost), he wasn't happy with himself for missing that feature. Fairly easy fix.

My job is seeing functionality (which I'm fairly good at) and the whole design thing (which I'm not). In one afternoon, I had to decide countertops, backsplash, flooring, and paint colors. With the first three, we decided together. I was on my own with paint. I hate deciding on paint. Just because I'm creative with words it doesn't mean my creativity extends into other areas. Like color. Hubs is worse. So in advance we hit any store that sold paint and searched through teeny, tiny paint chips. I knew what I wanted in the bedrooms. The great room wasn't that easy.

Last Monday the painters were cutting in so we made the two-hour drive over to see if the colors were what I thought they were going to be. The great room and one bedroom weren't. Hubs said they were okay. (That from the man who thought school bus yellow was okay for the outside of one of our houses.) Well, the great room wasn't quite school bus yellow. It was supposed to be a pale, faint yellow with creamy overtones. The bedroom that was supposed to be mint looked like neon yellow-green. The painter said (and Hubs agreed), "It will look better when all the walls are painted. Not just the edges."

I wasn't convinced, but I let myself be talked into it. Since last Monday, I've lain awake thinking about those colors. Having second thoughts...third, fourth, fifth. For the first time since the builder broke ground, I haven't wanted to go over to see progress. I've been afraid of what I would find.

If I don't like it, I can just repaint, right? In our six houses, we've always done the painting. Since I picked the colors, I feel as if this is my fault and I will need to make it better. I could repaint the bedroom, but no way would I tackle the great room with its vaulted ceiling. So along with all the money we've poured into this house (upcharge is a dirty word), we'll have to pay for the room to be repainted and I'm worried about what it will cost.

We're going over tomorrow. What will we find? Will it be as bad as I've imagined? Or will it be okay? My mother always said, "Don't go borrowing trouble." I know that's what I've been doing. Hubs, usually so understanding, can't believe I'm still worried about the colors.

Am I the only one who has second thoughts about paint?

(I'll leave a comment tomorrow night about what happened.)


  1. Well, I was half right to worry. The green bedroom is still awful. The great room looks the way I wanted it to. Yay, no painting there. So Hubs was right, I worried for nothing. Sort of.

  2. I've seldom even thought once about paint color. ;)

    Good luck with your house project.


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