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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meet Juli Revezzo

To kick off the new year, fellow Wild Rose Press author Juli Revezzo is here. Last month, Juli's book Passion's Sacred Dance was spotlighted on Saturday Sampler. Now it's time to get to know Juli a little better.
Here's her bio:
Juli D. Revezzo is a Florida girl, with a love of fantasy, science fiction, and Arthurian legend, so much so she gained a B.A. in English and American Literature. She loves writing stories with fantastical elements whether it be a full-on fantasy, or a story set in this world–slightly askew. She has been published in short form in Eternal Haunted SummerDark Things II: Cat Crimes (a charity anthology for cat related charities), Luna Station Quarterly, The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth, and Twisted Dreams Magazine. She is author of The Artist’s Inheritance, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (of  the Antique Magic series) and has recently released her debut paranormal romance novel, Passion’s Sacred Dance.

She also has an article and book review or two out there. But her heart lies in the storytelling. She is a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.

Welcome, Juli. How long does it take you to write a book?

Usually three-six months, on a first draft depending on the length of the story.

Have you ever stayed up all night to finish reading a book?

The most recent book I’ve stayed up late for was Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon, but alas, I didn’t finish it that night. I couldn’t stand staying awake another minute and had to get to bed.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I’ve written, in total, 14, at this point. Some are out, some are coming, and some may or may not come out. My favorite? Of the published ones, I’d have to say Passion’s Sacred Dance, at the moment. I’m working on its follow ups and they’re pretty dear to my heart. And the Antique Magic series. Darn, how can I pick? 

Are your stories driven by plot or character?

Usually, they’re plot driven. Sure, you gotta have characters but if I don’t know what they’re doing or why? I usually can’t get the story started.

What are some jobs you've done that would end up in a book?

I worked in a small contemporary art gallery when I was a college student. A version of that gallery was actually the inspiration for Stacy’s gallery in my paranormal romance novel Passion’s Sacred Dance.

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with?

I write in a couple different genres so I guess it would depend on the reader. If you’re a romance fan, I say start with Passion’s Sacred Dance. If you don’t mind dark fantasy then one should try my Antique Magic series. There, I’d say definitely start with The Artist’s Inheritance.

Tell us about your latest book.

Passion’s Sacred Dance is my debut novel in paranormal romance, with The Wild Rose Press. It’s about a woman whose history gallery is about to become the latest setting for a mythic battle. If she grants it to the wrong side, the world may face destruction. A sexy, ancient Celtic warrior comes to defend her from their enemies and, well, sparks fly. ;) Does it cross into any other genres? Hrm…I’d say probably urban fantasy—and Stacy has some pretty creepy creatures after her so there might be hints of the kind of dark fantasy I write in Antique Magic.  Here’s the blurb for Passion’s Sacred Dance:

Battling mounting debt, Stacy Macken is determined not to lose her historic art gallery. When Aaron Fielding appears and offers to help, she fights to keep the attraction sizzling between them from clouding her judgment. He may be her savior in disguise--but can she trust him?

Aaron intrigues her with tales of the Tuatha dé Danann, sworn warriors who protect humanity from the monsters seeking their destruction. If Aaron can prove what he claims, she would give up anything to help--even the gallery he claims is sacred ground. But with her property set to stage the next epic battle, she needs answers. An old family diary will confirm the ancient legend is true, if only they can find it in time.

If the battle is lost, the enemy will take control of Earth for the next five hundred years. Stacy and Aaron's budding love might only complicate things.

If readers would like to check it out, it’s available at Amazon, The Wild Rose Press, Itunes, Kobo, and in paperback.

One last question, Juli. Where can readers find you?

Your readers can find me at http://julidrevezzo.com
On twitter: @julidrevezzo

Thanks for being here, Juli. Best wishes for 2014.

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