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Monday, January 6, 2014


I like snow. That pristine white, fluffy stuff that descends from the sky in January. Okay, here in West Michigan it started in October this year. I think Mother Nature wanted to welcome us to our new home. In the past four weeks, we’ve had a LOT of snow. On Sunday, a winter storm hit us hard. By tonight, we're supposed to get another foot or more of snow on top of all we've gotten already then the temps are supposed to plummet. (Maybe today isn't the best day to post this.)

Friends say this is what I get for moving close to Lake Michigan, the generator of lake-effect snow. No surprise there. Hubs and I knew what we were in for. In the 90s, we lived near Kalamazoo. We even bought our first snowblower over there. Of course, we waited until our son left for college to do so. Was he ever torqued! Well, when we had a teenage son, we didn’t need a snowblower.

That snowblower has gotten a lot of use in Kalamazoo as well as the two winters we lived in Chicagoland and the fourteen in mid-Michigan. But nothing compares to the number of times Hubs has used it this winter. And it’s only January.

Did I mention I like snow? My sister in Indy thinks I'm crazy. The snow is so pretty, covering up the ugly brown dead grass. But whiteouts are scary. One evening I followed a truck onto a highway that I didn’t know the State Police had closed. I kept that truck’s red taillights in sight so well that if it had gone into a ditch I would have gone in behind it. That was the only way to know where the road was. Fortunately, I knew the highway and at the first opportunity (twenty-some miles later), I got off and onto surface streets. Snow is beautiful if you don’t have to drive in it

My mom said when she was growing up the snow was black from the coal soot spewing from chimneys. And I thought it was bad when the snow turned into dirty slush.

When my daughter and her husband prepared to move from Indianapolis to West Michigan, she told the kiddies there would be lots of snow and all the things they could do in it. That year Mother Nature played a trick on them. No snow. The first week of December, they had to come over to our old house for the kids to build their first snowman. They built that snowman above on Saturday before the snow started falling. He would have company if not for the bitter cold weather coming.

As I write this, I watch the scroll at the bottom of the television screen announcing school closings. Too bad it’s so cold the kids have to stay inside…and drive their parents crazy. As for me, I don’t have to go out so maybe I’ll take down the Christmas tree. Or maybe I’ll read.

If you have to go out, please be careful.

If you don’t have to go out in the snow, what do you like to do?

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  1. Have you ever heard of a polar vortex? I never did until Al Roker mentioned it on the Today Show this morning. That's what's sending us into the deep freeze. Since almost everything is shut down around here, I guess today was not a good day to mention I like snow. LOL Keep warm, folks.

  2. I like snow, as long as I'm indoors looking out at it! Everything I'm involved in has been cancelled through tomorrow, so I'll be indoors for a while - I just have to worry about my kids. How exciting about your new release!

    1. Thanks, Patricia. That's how I feel, too. Daughter didn't have to go out but son-in-law had to be at the hospital (he's a doctor). Keep warm.

  3. Hi Diane,
    I like the snow if I can stay inside and just look at it through the window. Otherwise, I hate the snow. I live in upstate NY and we've had much more snow this year than we've had in years. We had a huge storm last Thursday into Friday that left just under 2 feet of snow. Luckily I had the time off from my day job so I didn't have to deal with it. Unfortunately, we're in the path of another storm. It's already snowing as I write this and is supposed to continue through the night and into the morning. The town to the north of me is forecasted to get 4 feet of snow in the next 24 hours. I sure hope we don't get that much. Not looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow. I'll be doing as you did and following the tail lights of the car on the highway in front of me.

    1. 4 feet? Wow. I saw on the news tonight about the lake effect snow poised to hit upstate NY. Schools all around us are closed again tomorrow--mainly because of the bitter cold. Stay safe tomorrow, Katherine.


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