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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Chameleon Blog Tour

Well, I'm off and running (or is it hopping?) celebrating my newest science fiction romance, The Chameleon (An Outer Rim Novel: Book 2).

Last Tuesday, I visited Jolana Malkston's blog. Yesterday, I was over at Annette Drake's blog. Both ladies were great hosts. Still, there was some grilling going on--and I don't mean burgers and brats. LOL

Here's where I'll be this week:

Today (Monday): The Romance Room
                            Kristen Brockmeyer's blog
Tuesday: R.T. Wolfe's blog
Wednesday: Rebecca Grace and Linda Carroll-Bradd
Friday: Laurel O'Donnell's First Kiss Friday
             Babette James' blog
Saturday: Patricia Kiyono's blog

I hope you'll stop by and visit the sites. I'll feature different excerpts from The Chameleon along with topics I hope you'll find interesting.

In between replying to comments, I'll be plying a paintbrush in my new office this week. Our basement is almost finished. Can't wait to sit at my desk and look out the big daylight window and watch my flowers blooming.


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