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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science Fiction Romance #SALE


Ready to load up on Science Fiction Romance books? Big Sale. Some are free; others are 99 cents.

You can find two of my books there for 99 cents each.

The Pilot, a stand alone book, kicks off the Outer Rim series about strong women on the frontier of space.

Sparks fly around the Outer Rim when rule-bound Administrator Trevarr Jovano clashes with free-spirited space pilot Celara d'Enfaden. She must deliver her cargo or lose her ship to a loanshark. Having lost her last shipment to pirates masquerading as Coalition Inspectors, Celara refuses to be duped again. Determined to make an example of those who flaunt the law, Trevarr seizes her ship. Yet, they must work together to rescue her brother and find his wife's murderer.

Kidnapped by aliens? By mistake?

When wise-cracking Jessie Wyndom is beamed from her farmhouse in Ann Arbor, MI aboard an Alliance starship, she meets a regular Mr. Spock. Captain Marcus Viator's well-organized life is turned upside down by a free-spirited Terran. Fate brings them together. Treachery tears them apart.

Switched was my first published novel. Because of that, it has a special place in my heart.

Many of my favorite authors also have books in the sale. Now's a great time to load up your e-reader with stories that are out of this world.


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