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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors where authors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here.

I'm sharing another snippet from my sci-fi romance, THE PROTECTOR. In last week's post, the tall stranger from the spaceport shows up at Rissa's tavern, interrupting her and Fortuna's discussion about the rescued children. Kiran, the bartender, creeps up behind him and holds a knife to his neck. Dillan speaks first.
“Sorry, Rissa, Fortuna, guess I should have knocked.”
The three turned suspicious eyes on him, Rissa responded first with, “How do you know our names?”
“Yeah, Offworlder,” Kiran said, “how do you know their names?”
Dillan didn’t think a funny quip, like ones he’d given them six years ago, would work this time—not with the big Zebori warrior looking like he wanted to gut him with the knife he'd lowered at Rissa's motion.
“I used to come here, a long time ago--" he placed his hand over his heart “--I’m hurt, truly hurt, you don’t remember.”
“By the stars, it’s Rusteran!” Fortuna nearly tripped in her rush to get to him, she threw her arms around his neck and pulled down his head.
Dillan enjoyed her enthusiastic kiss—it just wasn’t the one he wanted.

Who knew rescuing two girls from traffickers would bring down a world of hurt?

After tavern owner Rissa Dix rescues two girls from a slave ship, she must rally the townsfolk to prevent traffickers from returning. Mining heir Dillan Rusteran has loved her for years. Little do they know that by rescuing more children they're tangling with a galactic trafficking ring.

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  1. So they have a history together. That makes him an even better character.

  2. You are a wonder gathering all these characters. I'm enjoying this so much.

  3. Oh, that last line really pulls the reader in. A wonderful and intriguing snippet! :)

  4. Ah, there's the rub. Well, nothing like a love triangle to spice up things. He must have changed a great deal for them not to recognize him. Great snippet.

    1. I must've mentioned earlier (or not in a snippet), 3 months in space = long shaggy hair and beard. Sorry.

  5. Ooooh, like this scene. Not the one he wanted - says it all.

  6. Interesting twist and turn of the plot, really enjoyed it! Sets up so many possibilities for where the story will go next...

  7. Interesting - a plot twist- love it.

  8. Love this whole snippet from the awesome dialogue to the great ending!

  9. Lots of interesting story questions raised in this short snippet. Really enjoyed it.

  10. Great snippet. Love getting a glimpse of her past.

  11. I thought he might be someone from their past, although not sure why they didn't recognise him - and that line is so meaningful - loved the snippet!

  12. Wow I thought that was it for Dillan, intense snippet!

  13. Love your comments. I'm so glad you're enjoying this story.

  14. I certainly feel drawn in to this story. Great snippet.

  15. Great snippet! Specially that last line was intriguing. What was he expecting?


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