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Saturday, April 27, 2019

#WeWriWa RESCUING MARA'S FATHER - The Coalition Is Closer Than Mara Thinks

Each weekend, the Weekend Writing Warriors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here.

I'm sharing snippets from my Middle Grade/YA science fiction adventure, Rescuing Mara's Father. The narrator is Mara, an almost 15-year-old girl who lives in a mining outpost on the Outer Rim. This snippet takes place right after last week's, which ended with Mara saying, “You don’t understand--I want to learn about starships and how to fly them.”

Please excuse the creative punctuation, necessary to keep this within the guidelines. It's also edited from the original.

“Are you not learning about starships from Basco, does he not allow you to pilot them?”
“He only lets me move them from one section of ‘port to another, but it’s not enough—I want to fly in space.”
“As I recall, you have,” He would bring that up—on our last trip away from Raythos, Father let me take the controls of our rented starship. Though it was only for a brief time, I was thrilled beyond belief—he even praised how quickly I learned to control the ship.
“Mara, child, you must learn about the universe that exists outside our little village. The Coalition is an ever-expanding entity, more planets are finding it economically advantageous to become part of the Coalition.”
“The only reason the Coalition has anything to do with us out here on the Rim is because of the brilium mines.”
“Of course, they need brilium to heat their homes, run their factories, and fuel their starships, and with that need comes regulations and governance,” He’s back in lecture mode, “The Coalition is getting closer, Mara—there’s a contingent of peacekeepers on Pamyria.”
On Pamyria, the nearest planet?

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3 friends, a hidden starship, a quest

Her father is gone! Taken by the Queen of Compara’s agents. Mara has to rescue him before the Queen tortures and kills him.
Instead of the kind, loving father she’s always known, he’s become demanding, critical, with impossible expectations—not just as Father but also as the only teacher in their frontier outpost. Mara would rather scoop zircan poop than listen to another boring lecture about governments on Central Planets. Give her a starship engine to take apart or better yet, fly, and she’s happy. Now, he's gone.
Never mind, they’ve had a rocky road lately. 
Never mind, Father promised she could go off planet to Tech Institute next month when she turns fifteen, where she’ll learn to fly starships.
Never mind, she ran away because she’s furious with him because he reneged on that promise. Father is her only parent. She has to save him.
Along with her best friend, eleven-year-old Jako, and his brother 15-year-old Lukus, Mara sets off to find her father. An old spaceport mechanic and her mentor seems to know why the Queen captured Father. In fact, he seems to know her father well. But, does he tell her everything? Of course not. He dribbles out info like a mush-eating baby. Worse, he indicates he’ll be leaving them soon. And Lukus can’t wait to get off our planet. Mara’s afraid they will all leave her, and she’ll be on her own. Despite her fears, she has to rescue her father.



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  1. What a delightful story. You bring excitement every week.

    1. Thanks, Charmaine. Your comment fills me with joy.

  2. Even though she believes she knows enough, there's still so much for her to learn. A great snippet!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. Her father really does know best.

  3. Students of all ages don't want to study, they just want to get out there and do it--without knowing they don't know what they're doing most of the time. I hope Mara takes her father's advice to heart.

    1. You are so right, Jenna. Eventually, Mara will realize why her father tries to teach her.

  4. Well he is trying hard to get her to take a broader view, which is a necessary thing...but good luck with that LOL! Enjoyed the excerpt...

    1. Thanks, Veronica. Typical teen. Never listens. :)

  5. Having a lecture-prone dad is an interesting way to sneak in your world building.

  6. I loved this book! I read it while we were sailing in the Bahamas on my iPad. I got about halfway through when my iPad ran out of juice. Charging things on a boat sometimes is challenging and I wasn't able to charge up for a few days. It was agony not knowing how the story would end. Once my iPad was back up and running, I quickly read the rest. It was awesome!

    1. Thanks so much, Ellen. Sorry about your iPad dying at an inopportune time. :)

  7. It would be nice if people listened to those who are wiser, but too often we have to learn from experience. After that we realize we should have listened. I'm curious if that's what will happen to her or if he'll finally get through to her.


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