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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Switched Resolution

Here we are again. Another six-paragraph peek at my science fiction romance, Switched Resolution.

The last time we saw Jessie and Marcus, he had just expressed uncertainly about meeting his biological mother when she arrived.

     “Speaking of your mother . . .” Jessie nodded to the approaching vehicle. “She loves that car. Your sister hates it. She thinks your mom is losing it because she traded in your dad’s Lexus for a Mustang. Okay, Marcus, this is your big test. Can you fool your mother into believing you’re Scott?”

     “I will have to, won’t I?” Until he decided to tell his mother the truth, he would have to deceive her into believing he was his twin. Just as Scott would have to deceive Marcus’ crew. 

     As the car came to a stop, Jessie said softly, “He always teases her about buying it so she can pick up guys. Drives your sister nuts. Oh, and he always kisses her on her right cheek and ask how’s his favorite girl. And don’t forget to speak with a drawl, like we practiced. When Scott was with NASA, he lived in Houston and sounds—”

     “—like that actor Tommy Lee Jones whose movies we watch every night. Haven’t you told me all this fifty million times?” He grinned, pleased that he remembered a colloquialism she used often.

     “Total exaggeration, on both counts. We have more interesting things to do at night than watch movies. We have to make up for lost time.”

     Her knowing smile sent flares of sexual awareness shooting through him. Oh, yes, much more interesting things.

Switched Resolution is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

To find out more about the cover of Switched Resolution, check out Amy Gamet's blog http://www.amygamet.com/?p=340

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