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Monday, March 9, 2015

Is Spring on the Way?

Daylight Savings Time is here again. Can Spring be far behind? I envy my son in Arizona who doesn't have to run around the house changing all the clocks. I always miss at least one.

Other signs that Spring might be around the corner:
  • Snow melt. Okay, on the streets--not in our yard yet. 
  • The temp was in the mid-40's on Saturday and will be 50 on Friday.
  • Clean cars. It's finally warm enough to wash off all the salt and road grime without worrying that the locks will freeze.
  • The wind is blowing from the south.
  • Daylight lasts longer in the evening.
 I wish I could report that daffodil tips are poking through the ground. Can't see through the three feet of snow.

Am I being too optimistic by including this picture?


  1. It felt like spring this weekend where I am too. But it didn't have that spring smell yet, so I'm holding off on celebrating. Lol.

    1. I know what you mean, Rachel. I don't think the smell of spring can get through the snow. :)

  2. Spring seems to be here in Florida. No wait, actually, it feels like summer. lol


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