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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warrior and 8 Sentence Sunday time, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Writers share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other writers. You can find them here.

My snippet is from my new sci-fi romance novella MISSION TO NEW EARTH. Sara has diffused a tense situation between 2 team members, Marsh and Tom. She's given the team time off, even though they're due for another simulation. The rest of the team takes off, leaving Sara and Marsh behind.

I strolled up to the man I loved and put my arms around his waist. When I rested my head on his chest, I heard the thud of his heart, normally, a reassuring sound that always made me go weak in the knees, now it beat more rapidly than usual, still agitated
“Hey, guy, everything will be all right. We’re ready--more than ready.”
“I know, it’s just—”
Leaning back in his arms, I reached up and patted his cheek. “Settle down, big boy.” I gave him a long kiss, to which he didn’t respond—still worked up over the latest simulation. Then he gave in, as I knew he would. Not to be smug, but Marsh did like my kisses.

This will be my last snippet from Mission to New Earth. Next week: new month, new story. Thanks for all your comments.

The Story:

Would you go on a one-way trip to explore a new planet? Would you do it to save humankind?

In 2172, Earth’s overpopulation and dwindling resources force the United Earth Space Agency to expedite exploration of new planets for a possible new home. When new crises ensue—a giant tsunami and the threat of nuclear winter—the timeline changes. Eight years of training crammed into four.

Sara Grenard and her team prepare for launch, but are they ready for the one-way trip? Will the Goldilocks planet prove just right for Earth’s inhabitants? Before time runs out.

The is the last week for the Giveaway. Don't forget to enter.


  1. Very cute! I love to lean against my husband's chest, but usually he's the one calming me down. :)

  2. I wonder if distracting Marsh with kisses will really defuse the problem, or if it will crop back up.

  3. I agree with Ed. This could go many ways...

  4. This sounds like a fascinating premise, and not unbelievable, considering what we are doing to our present planet. Good luck with the book.

  5. Very interesting-the heat and no heat until. . .Good job.

  6. She knows how to handle Marsh all right, lol. Excellent excerpt!

  7. Should she distract him if their situation is serious?

  8. Famous last words . . . Nice snippet, Di!!

  9. Sorry, folks, for being so long in responding. I went to a book festival this weekend. Wonderful but exhausting, esp. the 6-hour drive both ways. Love your responses. Coming be over to read your posts.

  10. Well, I hope so! LOL! She probably loves his kisses too! Glad you had fun at your book fair!


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