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Saturday, July 27, 2019

#WeWriWa ~ THE PILOT: A By-the-Book Administrator #sfr

Each weekend, the Weekend Writing Warriors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here.

Thanks to everyone who visited last week. I'm sharing snippets from The Pilot: An Outer Rim Novel. It's the 1st book in a series featuring strong women on the frontier of space. Celara's ship was hailed by one claiming to be Coalition Security. This week, we're in the other ship with Trevarr and his buddy Laning (who speaks first).

Please excuse the creative punctuation, necessary to keep this within the guidelines. It's also edited a little from the original.

“Glad to see the old you is back.”
Laning and his cryptic remarks, Trevor thought. “What do you mean?”
“You have been one by-the-book administrator since you got to Mag Prime.”
Even though the cruiser was less agile than his personal ship, Trevarr easily dodged flying debris. His new position as Malcon Sector Administrator required him to bring order to this region of the Outer Rim and, by the Divine One, he would fulfill his responsibility.
“Start out the way you mean to go on.”
“Was that your daddy’s motto or the Evil Queen’s? Yeow!” Laning shrank against the copilot’s seat. “You’d better not get a scratch on my new ship.”

        There's no place like home and he stole hers. 

Life on the frontier of space is hard enough so when pirates stole Celara d'Enfaden's cargo, she vowed not to be tricked again. 

Determined to make an example out of indie pilots who disobey orders, Coalition Administrator Trevarr Jovano impounds Celara’s starship and cargo. If he backs down, he’ll lose respect. If she can’t deliver her cargo, she’ll default on her loan and lose her only home—her ship. 

More important than her ship, though, is her brother. To rescue him from a galactic gangster, she’ll even work with Jovano who is bent on avenging his wife’s murder.

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  1. He may be 'by the book' now, but that doesn't seem to be stopping him from cutting it awfully close.

  2. He is in a batch of trouble as he swaggers around.

  3. Love the background information being revealed in this scene!

  4. Bad luck for her that he's out to prove himself. You've done a great job giving them both motivation to not back down.

  5. Love how you can picture what happened even before you tell us. Such vivid writing, Di. Always a pleasure to read.

  6. Trevarr seems to be a no-nonsense kind of guy--and very focused on getting what he wants. I can absolutely see Laning pressed back in the seat, looking for a way out!

    1. Yep, he's focused, Jenna. Poor Laning. His new ship, and Trevarr might trash it.

  7. I appreciate the skillful way the snippet sheds more light on both characters through your use of the dialog during the action! Enjoyed the snippet...

  8. Wow - cheeky sidekicks on both opposing ships!

  9. Love that dialogue! Wonderful premise, btw.

    I just went to Amazon to buy it--but it seems I already did. :-)

    1. LOL That's happened to me so many times. I'm glad Amazon keeps track. Thanks, Teresa.

  10. Trevarr seems focused on getting what he wants. Great banter.


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