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Monday, May 4, 2015


I’m sure you’ve heard/read the statement "if I knew grandchildren were so much fun I’d have had them first." So true. When you have children, you’re so concerned about doing things “right.” And then there’s all those other things that need to be taken care of—fix meals (husbands do like to eat), clean the house (esp. when the dust bunnies take over), do laundry (how did we go through so many clothes?), and the job away from home. It came be overwhelming.

With grandchildren, you just have to be there. You can hold them all you want (or as long as their parents let you). You don’t have to worry about household chores. You can sit and talk to them and they look at you with such wide eyes and grins. When they fall asleep in your arms, it’s such a wonderful feeling. You look at this little bundle of joy that came from your child and you marvel at the blessing. When you see that look of awe on your child’s face, you just smile and think “that’s how I looked at you.”

By now I’m sure you figured out that my granddaughter was born. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I saw her in the delivery room. Every day, my son and daughter-in-law send pictures and/or videos. Hubs and I love the instantaneous messages. No waiting for the mail to bring pictures. Phone calls aren’t just sounds of cooing or crying but video, too. Then we got to hold her. I’m enthralled.

She is our third grandchild. You’d think I would be used to this terrific feeling. Nope. How do you get used to a miracle? We’ll enjoy this time with her and not think about when we have to leave. I’ll worry that she won’t remember us. I’ll count the days until we return. In between, we’ll Facetime or Skype and eagerly await new pictures. 


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing indeed. My mom wants a grandchild so badly, unfortunately me and my siblings are just not ready for that step. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Murees. While I wanted grandchildren, I worked hard at not saying anything to either of my kids. Patience is VERY difficult but worth it when the grandkiddies came.

  2. Congratulations!

    My kids are teens, so I hope to wait a while for this. LOL

    1. Thanks, Melissa. Yeah, I'd want to wait, too, if my kids were teens. :)


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