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Saturday, October 7, 2017

#WeWriWa THE PROTECTOR: Rissa Remembers Him

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors where authors share an 8 - 10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other authors. You can find them here.

Here's another excerpt from The Protector (An Outer Rim Novel: Book 3). Last week, Rissa discovers the man who helped her rescue the kids is no stranger. 

(Please forgive the creative punctuation.)
Rissa pursed her lips, “Dillan.”
“Ah, you do remember me,” he said, giving her a grin that used to make her smile . . . didn’t work.
“I always remember pains in the ass.”
Putting his hand on his heart, he staggered, “Ouch, you sure know how to hurt a guy.”
“Go away—I’ve had a bad couple of hours, and I’m going to bed.” She walked to the alley door and opened it, saying, “Go back where you came from.”
He strolled over to the cooler and reached in for a bottle of ale, as he’d done many times in the past, then sat on a stool, saying, “Is that anyway to treat someone who came to your aid tonight?”
While taking a long swig of the tart ale, he watched the fem who’d turned him inside out six years ago. She looked the same, although her dark hair—still skinned back into one long braid—had a few strands of gray, and a few more laugh lines fanned out from her exotic dark eyes.
A blush started at her neck and rose into her high cheeks as she said, “Thank you for helping us.”

Who knew rescuing two girls from traffickers would bring down a world of hurt?

After tavern owner Rissa Dix rescues two girls from a slave ship, she must rally the townsfolk to prevent traffickers from returning. Mining heir Dillan Rusteran has loved her for years. Little do they know that by rescuing more children they're tangling with a galactic trafficking ring.

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  1. I like how her blush indicates she may still have feelings for him, but will not admit it. Great snippet! :)

  2. That was a rather reluctant thank you on her part.

  3. Love the description of her through his eyes. You can tell he's still crazy about her. :-)

  4. I suspect she likes him more than she is prepared to admit. I wonder why she is not keen to remember the past.

  5. Hm, not great on gratitude is she! :) I have the feeling she's trying to hide her real feelings, but I wonder why she rejected him before.

  6. He seems a lot more ready to leave the past in the past than she is...really curious about what happened between them.

    1. Oh, good, Alexis. Curiosity turns the page. :)

  7. The blush tells all! Haha Great snippet!

  8. I like that he's not giving up easily here. The scene flows really nicely and pulls the reader along...great snippet!

  9. Lovely "Oops!" moment. Oh, that was you?

  10. Oh, she's blushing. That says a lot. Nice snippet.

  11. On one hand, I applaud his tenacity. On the other, I think she's tired and could use a break, not him demanding more of her time. But only one of them can get what they want out of this moment...


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