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Friday, November 6, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Day 11: Music

 I love music. Most kinds of music--country, easy listening, classical, stage and screen, some jazz. I'm not fond of heavy metal or rap. My favorite is rock & roll, esp. the oldies. Listening to the music of my youth brings back good memories. Simon & Garfunkel songs remind me of driving home from my first teaching job. "American Pie" reminds me of a guy I dated. (Shh, don't tell Hubs. LOL) Listening to Broadway tunes, especially Andrew Lloyd Webber, reminds me of the shows I saw in person.

My dad loved opera. Every Saturday, before the Metropolitan (NYC) Opera came on the radio, he had me read a synopsis of the featured performance. I used to think how lazy that was. He could read it himself. As a parent, I realized what he was doing, making me learn about the story behind the opera, broadening my knowledge. I can't say I appreciated his sneakiness. Because he had the opera on, we couldn't listen to (or watch) Tiger baseball games. You can tell my priorities. đŸ˜Š 

 When I write, I can't listen to music with lyrics. The words mess with my brain. Light classical or songs in a foreign language (Andrea Bocelli) are easier to listen--and write--to.

As I age, I recognize that my hearing is diminishing. I'm grateful I can still listen to music.

What's your favorite music?

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