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Friday, November 20, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Day 25: Health & Exercise


Remember when you had energy like the kids above? When my 3-year-old twin grandsons race around the house, I want to bottle their energy then dole it out to myself each day.

As a youngster, I loved ice skating. Mom would hook up the hose and flood a low spot in our front yard (we lived out in the country). Soon, we had a frozen pond. My sister and I would skate until we were too cold to keep going. 

I don't have that kind of energy and have no idea why I stopped skating. Time? Fear of falling? 

I'm grateful for my health. It's not the best, but I can get around and do what I need to do. My energy, though, is pretty low. Maybe it's the whole covid restrictions, which I work hard at following. I miss my family and friends, though we make do with Zoom or FaceTime. I miss going out to restaurants. Here in Michigan, our restaurants are now closed except for take out. Cabin fever is coming early this year.

Exercise. There's my downfall. Arthritis is painful. Consequently, exercising is painful. In preparing this post, I looked for memes on exercising and found exercises for seniors plus several workouts I can do while seated. 

This may sound silly, but I'm grateful for Google and Pinterest for giving me ideas on keeping active.

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  1. I loved ice skating as a youngster too!
    And I also detest my deteriorating body, but I still get around and I love the chair exercises!


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