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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Day 15: Seasons

 I've always lived in the Midwest, mainly in Michigan. The four seasons are the best part. 

Just when I'm tired of winter, spring comes along. I never get tired of spring because it doesn't last long enough. 

Summer blasts us with 90
° days and high humidity. The perfect summer days, to me, are 75 and moderate humidity. 

Fall means warm days, cool nights, and leaves turning colors. I read an old legend about Indian Summer, when Fall chases Summer away then Summer chases Fall away. A great description of the days in September, October, and November. Ordinarily, I wouldn't include November, except for this year. For the past 5 days, we've had perfect summer weather--mid-seventies and sunny. 

We are so busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas, that winter doesn't (mentally) hit until January. Blizzards, lake effect snow, and snowmen. Winter is fun when you don't have to drive in bad weather. 

Since we live about five miles from Lake Michigan, Hubs and I like to go to the beach, except in summer when the crowds are horrendous. Watching the lake in all kinds of weather is fascinating, especially in winter.

I'm grateful for the variety of seasons. They make life interesting.  


  1. Seasons definitely make life interesting, and I love summer. I love fall, too, but i sneeze more in this season than any other from maple leaf allergies.

    1. Sneezing is no fun. The maple leaves have the best color.


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