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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Days 21 & 22: Compliments & Freedom

 I goofed. Totally forgot to post yesterday. A couple of days ago, I wrote about getting up after  falling down. Here's me getting up as I do double duty.

Day 21: Compliments. How do you accept compliments? Do you say "thank you" or "it was nothing"? Why is it so hard to accept a compliment? Even when we deserve it. Is it something ingrained in women that it's not modest to be recognized? Or is this something that only older generations are prone to? 

I love compliments. I love when people say they enjoy my books. I'm grateful for any compliment, like a review, and I'm learning to politely say "thank you."

Day 22: Freedom. This topic could go so many ways. A recognition of the many freedoms we enjoy here in America. But since covid dominates our lives, I want to talk about the recommendations by scientists on preventing the spread of the virus. 

Scientists agree that wearing a mask gives us something like 70% protection from the virus. As does staying a minimum of six feet apart. I get a flu shot every year, a tetanus shot every ten (or sooner if I've been cut), a mammogram every year. Not because I have to, but because my doctors recommend it. I wear a mask to protect myself and to protect others. I think I don't have covid. I have no symptoms, but I could still carry the virus. So I wear a mask.

Staying 6' apart is not a problem. We rarely go anywhere. We don't have visitors, other than family and even that is rare. Because covid cases have risen dramatically, our state health department just issued more restrictions, including not more than 2 families, maximum 10 people, gathering together. Consequently, our immediate families are not getting together for Thanksgiving this year. (And we still don't know about Christmas.) Even before the new restrictions, we already decided we wouldn't join our families. It will be weird, but this whole year has been weird.

My point is choice. We could grouse about restrictions or deliberately ignore them. We could say it impinges on our freedoms. I say I have the freedom to choose to follow the rules, to do what is right--to wear a mask, to stay apart, to celebrate Thanksgiving without our families.

I'm so grateful for having the freedom to choose.

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  1. I wear a mask out of courtesy to others.

    1. Good for you, Alex. BTW, I just read your fascinating Cassa series. Wow. I was captivated. I'll put up reviews for them as soon as I can.

  2. it's hard to do the right thing when so many others choose not to... and that's where "rules" come from... thanks for joining me on this journey!


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