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Saturday, November 21, 2020

#30 Days of Gratitude - Day 26: Daily Routine

 Before covid--how many times do we say that and how many more times will we say it in the future?

As I started to say . . . before covid I had a routine. Coffee first, then I opened my computer. I glanced at emails to see if there was something I needed to attend to. After that, I opened the file for the story I'd been working on, read a couple of paragraphs to get back into the story, then began writing.

That was a good routine for me. Then, the pandemic threw me off schedule. My mind whirled with worry. Hubs and I are in one of the most susceptible groups--older with pre-existing conditions.

The worry led to incessant news watching. Forget writing. I needed to know what was happening and how it would affect us, our kids, and grandkids.

My routine has drastically changed. I still get my coffee. I check my email. Instead of moving on to my unfinished novel, I read all my email posts. I play computer games while binge-watching NetFlix or Prime.

I would be so grateful to have a new routine.


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  1. i needed a routine during the shut down days -- i sat way too much
    i hope we can make it through without having to endure that again!
    i love my current routine!

    1. I've drifted for several months. We're back in shut down again here in Michigan. Maybe the routine will help me handle it better. Thanks, Tara, for introducing me to 30 Days of Gratitude.


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